Catatan MaHe

nothing special

i say, i will always love you. you said: its just about the time, when you see somebody else, you will fade away from me, and abandon ll the words and worship you addressed to me .
but how come? you are the first beautiful thing happened in my life, who bring the joy, and carry on the happiness..
you should know, in every afternoon, i go to the park. seeking for the rest of our memory left, who knows its still scattered on the ground with the greeny grass. but now is summer.. the greeny grass has already turned brown and dried. the leaves has fallen, and the trees is lost their shades. the park that has a part of our love story has tell the truth; love will never stick on you forever, unless honesty and faith walk down along your step. it is not love when a little lie has been made. because love is trust, and you never trust me..

i love you, with whole of my heart. come back to me. let’s together mend our heart.

( its just like i breathe the air.. nothing special)