Catatan MaHe

Collecting the dusts and ashes of my life, raise and reborn stronger than before.

14th February 2011.
Dear Bloggie, here we are again, at the bottom of my life, starting it all over again. No money at all, but i finally made it. I got my own place to stay. It’s not really good, below my average kind of room, but i kinda like it. Jelek-jelek tempat sendiri lah. Lagian ini nggak jelek kok. It looks vintage in some way. The materials are quite old, and the colors are gloomy. But its not a big deal. I love to stay here… I feel like i’m pulling my life back together again. The room rent costs me Idr 350.000. And i havent paid it off yet. I told the land lady that i dont have money at all, but I’ll pay it after two or three weeks.
This past two weeks i had a very stressing days. Leaving my home town, my home, my mom…. my sister, it’s kinda make me feel sad. I leave them in a very not good conditions. And about the novel, my first one, they rejected it. Yeah… not them, but one person who had some kind self-sefishness toward me. The point is, she felt that i’m not desserve to get my novel published because she didn’t like when I’m asking for some royalty payment. Long story short, I will let her know that her prejudice lead her to some biggest dissapointment to losing me. They will chasing me after I got published my novels.
I will not give up on my dream, bloggie. Eventhough there are people standing in front of me trying to cut it down, i wont back my step off. And i hope my mom and my sister can hold on for any longer, i hope it’s not too long until i got the solution of their problems.
God, I love them, and I’m sure You do too. They are very good moslems. And they desserve some happiness.