Catatan MaHe

Valentine’s Day=Valentine Ungu.

I just surprised as i watched this awesome movie in BSD today. We (me, MM, kekeh) went there through a very hot middle noon by motorbike. And i got dizzy because the road is so grumbling with holes everywhere, and the sun so shiny right upon our head.

Ok, back to the topic, i have one story titled Valentine Ungu or Purple Valentine. And actually i should be proud to my self because there are some familiar part of the story, when (God, as usual, i always forget people’s name, moreover a character in the movie) these-girl-who-neurotically-crazy-and-too-busy-to-taking care-people-rather-than-herself- threw a party themed ‘I hate Valentine” scene. So, the similarity is, the main idea of my story tell’s about peoples who desperate with love, had sucks relationships, or being single in Val’s day. So, there are four peoples, best friends, living in the same house. They are all working and have a good livelihood. (Sentimen deh kalo nyentil masalah ‘penghasilan’ ini. :D) as the Valentine day comes, suddenly something came up and put them into confusion about their love life in this term is their sexual life.

They dont want to end the Val’s day in a desperation. However they are famous and have a good image in the public’s issues. Well, for simple in their social live environments. so they try to matchmaking them self one with another. And the twist is coming as they realized their self that they are dont fit one with another. And they decided to not having the dinner, and decided to enjoy the Val’s nite by all alone. But out of the blue they got information that mentioned about this “Purple valentine’ as a dinner theme for those people who is single, gay and lesbians. Yesss, this is the party for the single gays and lesses. Lol. So four of them are accidentaly meet in the party, and finally they realized that they are loving each other, but in a now formations. Male to male, female to female. xixixi.
I think, it’s just a sweet story, and i will develope it for next year valentine. 😀 Yeah, i will be productive this year. After i finished my Pre Wedding, then i will continuing my second novel. I havent got the title yet, but soon i’ll find it out.

Ah, aku seharian belum mandi. 😛 Yakkk, efek merugikan dari bokek ya kayak gini… males ngapa-ngapain. heuheuheu…