Catatan MaHe

Fidgeting heart. Gaaah~

my heart keeps fidgeting. Like, im on drugs. High. Or something. This morning i took a risky decision. Im gambling on my guts. I dont know. I should be affraid but somehow it makes me super excited. I dont know. I really dont know how to do this, but deep inside my heart i believe its gonna be okay. Yeah like i used to say to Sandi when we were in trouble of finance back in our youth period. Early two thousand. Or middle two thousand.

Somehow we should have a little faith on something we believe in. Its useless when we think that we able to do something but spirits got easily torns apart by a little negative opinion. When you have faith inside your heart, then everything will be okay. Like i used to say to Sandi when we are in financial problem.

Faith and Passion. Two things that can drive us anywhere we want. To the place we’ve been dreaming on. Its gonna be hard and difficult. But by the time you decided to not losing on your game, then victory is only one throwing stone to reach.

I am in a rushy rushy feelings. excitement and Worries colliding like thunder and rain.

This is a huge risk i got my self in to. But i believe that everything is gonna be okay.

Like I used to say to Sandi. Back in early two thousand. Or middle two thousand.

Will be in Syahdan in a couple months.

*fingers crossed*